Divorce Proceedings and Civil Partnership Dissolution

Relationship breakdown and separation is almost inevitably a stressful and challenging time.

DMH Stallard’s family solicitors can support you fully through the whole process, guiding you through all the legal options available to you and advising you as to how to achieve the best outcome.

What our family lawyers do

Our specialist family solicitors provide a comprehensive service on all aspects of:

  • Divorce
  • Dissolution of civil partnerships
  • International divorce & dissolution

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How our family lawyers work

After a marriage or civil partnership breakdown, it is important to consider the timing, nature and content of the divorce petition, civil partnership dissolution  or the response to any proceedings served on you. 

We provide early strategic advice on what to do when you separate and what to do to progress the process and how to protect your assets.

We advise spouses and civil partners where matters are proceeding amicably and also in cases where matters are more contentious.

Jurisdiction & international assets

An increasing number of couples have international connections and assets. In some cases, there can be a choice as to which jurisdiction is appropriate to issue proceedings. These choices can have a significant impact on the final outcome. In such cases, urgent decisions need to be taken and worldwide assets preserved.   We are able to advise swiftly if you are considering divorce and are unsure as to which jurisdiction you should issue proceedings.

In cases where there is concern about tracing and preserving worldwide assets that may be in the name of your spouse or partner, we can give you experienced advice as to the steps you need to take.

We represent clients with links to Europe, the Far East, the Middle East, the US and Australia.

London family courts have an international reputation as equitable and efficient.  We can give early advice as to whether the appropriate jurisdiction for your case is in this country.

We work closely with trusted law firms in other jurisdictions to provide our client with rapid and detailed jurisdiction advice.

How we've helped

We acted as mediator where the parties had been living under the same roof for five years but had been unable to reach an agreement on finance. With only three mediation sessions the parties were able to come up with proposals they were happy with and which they were then able to instruct their solicitors to implement.

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